About Ruth Donnelly

Ruth Donnelly was born in Toronto on the date of October 17, 1953. I cannot what the weather was like but I suppose it wasn’t a dark and stormy day. She grew up in the west end of Toronto known as Etobicoke. She has three other siblings and two half-siblings who are a lot older than her.
Her interest in creative writing started at a young age. Putting words on paper was her niche as her father painted scenery, her older brother is a photographer, and her younger sister knits. But Ruth fell into a pile of words that she uses to write short stories or other creative endeavors.

But creative writing is not the only past time, she too enjoys taking photos, but also is interested in aviation, health care, animals (horses, cats, killer whales, and wolves) theatrical work. Ruth performs with the Stage Door Players in Elliot Lake. Stage Door Players is a lip-syncing group and she has performed in many shows with this group.

Ruth is also a mother of three lovely children: one who has followed in her footsteps of being a writer. Her son, Tommy does enjoy writing but thoroughly enjoys being in the Special Olympics. His favorite sport is floor hockey. He roots for the Toronto Maple Leafs: so it is safe to say that he was born with a hockey stick in his hand. He has won many medals in the sports that Tommy has participated in. If Ruth was ever to participate in the sports world, it would have been in ‘showjumping’. She only enjoys watching the sport on TV from Spruce Meadows.


Her two daughters; Kelly and Kaitlin are entering the healthcare world as PSW’s Being in the health care system is what they are both interested in and Ruth has encouraged them to do so…


Ruth has traveled to some places in the world: Los Angeles in 1975…Vancouver and the west in 1974, the East Coast in 1969…to Florida and on a cruise in 2007 and to Ireland in 2019.


Her ideal living would be in the farm country, residing in an old country farmhouse where she would continue with her creative writing.