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Radburn Bay

When their great Aunt Rebecca Sarah passes away, Jonathan Radburn and his family inherit the great Radburn Hall on the shores of Radburn Bay. But upon inheriting the Great Hall, it comes with an ancestor: Thomas Radburn. Thomas Radburn is very much undead and has been sleeping in the wine cellar since the early part of the twentieth century. 
As everyone else has received an inheritance; Jimmy Wolf has received an old key. With this old key, Jimmy unlocks Thomas’s coffin unsuspectingly. Jimmy unleashes Thomas Radburn into an unsuspecting world. The history of Radburn Bay comes alive, regaling how Radburn Bay was settled.

When Jonathan discovers there have been vampires at his Christmas party at Radburn Hall, he is overwhelmed. Dr. Jillian Stewart is discovering how the human body can be turned into a vampire through her medical research and examination of the vampires. When Dr. Cross confronts Dr. Jillian Stewart about a surgical procedure, he had to perform on one of her patients, Michael Collins confronts him in Dr. Stewarts’ office. This detective has a threatening smile when his fangs are exposed. But Michael is in a playful mood and seemingly teases the good doctor.

Special Janosians

Special Janosians is a story about Special Olympics on the planet Janos…. if the further reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy. Here on this planet, people have the ability to shapeshift into their animal character. Even people with disabilities can shapeshift into their animal character. The story centers around the adventures of the Lobo family: Max the father, Vermoose the son, and Babs the daughter. This book covers the trials and triumphs of both the winter and summer games.

Special Janosians

Highlights on the book:

When Prince Andrew is kidnapped, Babs feels that it is her fault that the prince is kidnapped. She learned from her father that he is being held in an old abandoned church. Her brother and her rescue the prince in their animal persona.

In the summer games, Babs is desperately wanting to learn how to ride a horse but it is her wolf persona that is preventing her from doing so. There are also other Olympians in training for the summer games. Danny and his father are trapped in the local swimming pool by sharks. Rale, who is training in basketball, is reunited with his father.