Radburn Bay

Paranormal Comedy / Drama

RadBurn Bay Cover

When Aunt Rebecca Sarah Radburn dies, she leaves an inheritance for everybody in the family…even including Jimmy Wolf the handyman. When the handyman receives an old key, he wonders what it opens…until he enters the wine cellar and opens a long box. Jimmy has unsuspectingly unleashed a vampire onto the community of Radburn Bay. Of course, the history of the Radburn Family and the town of Radburn Bay is revealed.


Special Janosians

Family Adventure

Special Janosians is a story about Special Olympics on the planet Janos…. if the further reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy. Here on this planet people have the ability to shape shift into their animal character. Even the people with disabilities can shape shift into their animal character. The story centers around the adventures of the Lobo family: Max the father, Vermoose the son and Babs the daughter. This book covers the trials and triumphs of both the winter and summer games.

Special Janosians Book Cover

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